St. Thomas School operates on a tight budget and with a small (and very dedicated!) staff. As you will learn throughout the school year, there is a great need for volunteers. Volunteering at St. Thomas School not only helps the school operate smoothly, it helps your child learn and value their community.

Throughout the year you will receive notices sent home with opportunities to volunteer. There is a vast array ranging from day to day operations, classroom help, or at a function the school is sponsoring. Understandably, we are all busy, but setting aside a few hours over the course of the school year takes very little time. Remember, as a parent of St. Thomas School we are financially liable for volunteer hours.

Some ideas for your time:

School Help
Yard Work
Maintenance Projects

Classroom Assistance
Classroom Helper
Lesson Instruction
Field Trips
Enrichment Day

5K Run/Walk
Spring Fever Fair

As you can see, there is a variety of opportunity throughout the school. It is your responsibility to fill your volunteer commitment. Please stop by or complete the following contact form and we will be in touch. You will see that your time and knowledge are appreciated and do not go unnoticed!

To view the family participation/volunteeer handbook click here.