Principal's Letter

Welcome to St. Thomas School! Our school houses students from pre-k to grade 6. We are a Catholic school and our mission is to teach the Catholic religion. We welcome children of all faith practices to St. Thomas School. Our staff begins every day in prayer. We then join our students and begin the day with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

As we begin the 2016 – 2017 school year there is much excitement. This year marks the first year of seventh grade at St. Thomas School. Eighth grade will be added in the fall of 2017. Grades 6 and 7 this year will wear a different uniform than the students in grades K – 5. They will have a block schedule. In addition to the core subjects of religion, math, science, social science and language arts students will have classes in art, music, physical education and Spanish.

This year also marks the first time in nine years that we will have two kindergarten classrooms. The teachers will be following a collaborative model of teaching. Our enrollment has grown over the past few years and there is much to anticipate and celebrate as we begin the new school year.

We offer a rigorous academic program that includes faith, prayer, art, music, physical education, Spanish and technology. We believe that the arts are essential for the development of the whole person. Each classroom has an Active Board as well as internet accessible computers. Our sixth graders have laptops.

As part of our faith practice, we teach the children to reach out and help others. This includes donations to local food pantries, homeless shelters, nursing homes, the missions, an animal shelter and programs such as Toys for Tots and the Sanford Backpack Program. Our school has a program called Book Buddies in which older classes meet with younger classes once a week and engage in a variety of activities.

Our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is very active. We meet once a month and have classroom representatives who keep everyone informed about events in the life of the school. We have a family volunteer program in which each family is asked to give twenty-five hours a year to the school. Ten of those hours go to major fundraising. Volunteer hours include being in the classroom, assisting with lunch, chaperoning field trips and organizing events as well as fund raising.

We invite you to visit our school and learn more about our wonderful community!


Donna Jacques, Principal
St. Thomas School