Tuition/Financial Aid


March 2007


Dear St. Thomas Families,

            March 19th marks the beginning of in-house registrations for the ’07-’08 school year.  The total budget for the year is projected to be $784,168.00.  Divided by the number of students,


The ACTUAL PER/PUPIL COST is: $3,806.00


Various SUBSIDIES diminish this cost substantially:

            The Parish                    $1,304.00 each student

            The Town                     $   212.00 each (we hope)

            The PTO                      $   194.00 each

            The Diocese                 $   102.00 each

Interest from accts:                   $     43.00 each

                                                $1,855.00 each


The Tuition for ’07-’08 will be


 participating member of Catholic parishes (all/day K-6)         $1,864.00

 non-parish families                                                         $3,168.00

 parish kindergarten (1/2 day)                                           $1,465.00

 Non parish kindergarten (1/2 day)                                     $1,864.00

 parish pre-k (5-1/2 days)                                                $1,465.00

 non parish pre-k (5 –1/2 days)                                         $1,864.00

 parish pre-k (3-1/2 days)                                                $   954.00

 non parish (3-1/2 days)                                                   $1,145.00

 parish pre-k (2-1/2 days)                                                 $   636.00

 non parish pre-k (2-1/2 days)                                           $   763.00


For parishioners, this represents a DAILY COST of $10.65 for all/day K to grade 6.  But remember, to qualify for the parish subsidy you must participate in the parish in accordance with the “Family/Parish Contract.”  The breakdown of income at the top of the page illustrates the subsidies included in our budgeting process.  THESE SUBSIDIES account for ALMOST 50% of the ACTUAL PER/PUPIL COST at the parish rate.


Like you, every year we experience increases in expenses across the board.  What is equally difficult are all the unknowns for which preparation is strictly a gamble.  For example, we still have not been advised of our premiums for multi-per/liability insurance but have budgeted based on the advice from people in the industry. Our heating fuel contractor has advised us to budget more again this year and utilities continue to be unpredictable.


Each year, besides the parish subsidy, there are also some funds available for those families who are struggling to meet the tuition rate.  These “SCHOLARSHIPS” are awarded anonymously.  The committee only sees a # on the application.  If you doubt your ability to pay all of your tuition, ask for a scholarship application at the time of registration or before the end of the school year.  However, if you might be in a position to pay the ACTUAL PRICE of educating your student(s), that amount listed by itself above the subsidies, that would be an enormous help since the budget is factored so close the edge that any unexpected changes put us at risk of a deficit.


In-house registrations begin on Monday, March 19, ’07. This insures that our current families can be served first. Open registrations for the rest of the community will begin on March 26th.  All registrations will continue weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00pm. A NON-REDABLE FEE of $100.00 per student IS DUE AT REGISTRATION TIME and credited to the tuition for next year.


At the April School Board meeting, STAFFING determinations will be finalized based on class size for those registered.  If limits are reached, a waiting list will be established for any grade which requires one.  REGISTRATIONS AFTER MARCH 26th are on a “first-come-first served” basis within the guidelines of the “Admissions Policy.”


Please note that we have again expanded our “EARLY EDUCATION PROGRAM’ this year, We will continue with both a half-day K and full day K and a pre-K program which includes 2, 3 and 5 day options.  Call for more information and tell your friends.


We thank all of you for your continued support and generosity.  We thank our parishes and benefactors who pay so much of our expenses.  We are grateful to the Town of Sanford and the Dioceses of Portland.  We ask for you continued prayers and good wishes for all we attempt to do to achieve the mission of St. Thomas School.






M. Richard Bucklin, President

St. Thomas School Board