St. Thomas School Lunch Program

Mrs. Demers


Mrs. Lucille Demers - School Lunch Director


Welcome back! Sodexho School Services will be providing our lunches again this year.  We are still in need of volunteers to help serve.  Please sign up to help.

Hot Lunch

Hot lunch is $2.50 daily. Milk is included. Two envelopes were included in you packet.  Please have your child return these the first day of school.  Students will receive an envelope from the teacher each Wednesday.  Please have your child return the envelope (if you wish to participate) by the following Monday.  You will notice that you are paying in advance.  This helps with the lunch count.  It is mandatory that payment is received on time.  You may pay weekly or monthly.  Payment must be received prior to your child eating hot lunch. A notice will be sent after three days of nonpayment indicating that your child will have to bring a cold lunch from home.  If a check is bounced, there will be a $25.00 charge per check.

Free/Reduced Lunches

Free/reduced lunches are available.  Application were enclosed in students packets at beginning of the year.  Please do not hesitate to apply if you feel you may qualify. Applications are confidential.  You may apply anytime throughout the school year.  Just call Mrs. Demers or send a note via your child and she will promptly send an application.

Lunch Milk

Milk will be available for those students who will be bringing their own lunches to school.  They will have a choice of skim, low fat white, low fat chocolate, and low fat strawberry to school. The cost of lunch milk is $.50 per carton.  Soda is not allowed in the cafeteria.  Please write your child's name on the outside and inside of their lunch boxes/bags.  Please do not send beverages in glass containers.  Glass containers are an accident in the making!


Morning Snack Drinks

This program is available for grades Pre-K through 3.  They have a choice of skim, low fat white, low fat chocolate, low fat strawberry milk, or orange juice.  You must pay by the week for this program, and you are limited to one type of drink per week.  The cost for this program is $.50 per day.  There will be no credit on snack drinks.

A-La-Carte Items

These items are sold after hot lunch is served and the children have had some time to eat.   The items and prices vary $.25 to $1.25.  All A-La-Carte items must meet State Nutritional Guidelines.


Credit for a missed lunch may be indicated on the payment envelope for the following week.  There will be no credit on snack drinks.

Snow Day Policy

We will always serve the lunch that was prepared for a snow day on the following day that the lunch was cancelled.

Lunch Periods

Grades Lunch Times Recess
K, 1, 2, 3 11:30-11:55 11:55-12:10
4, 5, 6 12:05-12:30 12:30-12:45

If you have any questions concerning anything related to the cafeteria, any of the forms mentioned, or any ideas you wish to express, please feel free to come in to speak to Mrs. Demers or call her at 324-5832 any school day.

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June  2009 Lunch Menu