Development Council

Mission Statement

The St. Thomas School Development Council strives to promote the present and future goals, programs, facilities and financial stability of the School, a Christian centered education of intellectual, spiritual and physical growth and to develop support for this educational ministry.


Meeting Schedule

The Development Council meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month.


I. Membership: The Development Council is comprised of not less than seven (7) nor more than fifteen (15) individuals. They should be individuals interested and influential in promoting and obtaining support for the School. The Principal is an ex officio Member of the Council. Membership is encouraged to be inclusive of Catholic schools' alumni, the parishioners, parents, and staff as well as community members. Membership is for a three (3) year term.

II. Officers of the Council: The Officers of the Council shall be comprised of a President, a Vice President, or Co-Presidents, a Treasurer and a Secretary. Terms shall be for one year and can be continued. All Officers of the Council shall be elected by the Membership of the Council at the final meeting of the academic year. Officers shall take office effective July 1.

III. Roles and Sub-Committees:

A. A Marketing Committee to coordinate the marketing effort and develop and in-depth public relations program;
B. An Alumni Association Committee comprised of individuals who have attended Catholic schools and friends of Catholic education;
C. Ad Hoc Committee composed and managed as above with a single, clearly identified purpose and timeline whose existence lapses with the attainment of its goal. These may include a nominating committee, planning committee, special events and any need or requirement which might arise and which could be better addressed by a small focused group.
D. A Membership Committee will solicit names from the Parish Council, the PTO, the School Board, and the Alumni Committee. The Membership Committee will prepare a slate of Officers to be presented at the May meeting of the Council.

IV. Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting of the Council shall be in the month of May.

V. Director of Development's Duties: The Director of Development's duties shall be set by the Council but shall include the following:

A. To attend all meetings;
B. To make recommendations as to volunteer recruitment;
C. To coordinate all sub-committee activities and related services;               D. To direct program development and fundraising activities;
E. To report to the Development Council on a regular basis; and
F. To report to the School Board monthly.

VI. Meetings/Agendas/Minutes: Regular meetings shall be scheduled and agendas distributed seven (7) days prior to such meetings. Proposed Minutes shall be distributed prior to such regular meetings. Approved Minutes shall be kept and made available to all members, to the PTO, to the School Board, and posted on the web site.

VII. Annual Fund Drive/Campaign: Members of the Council shall take the lead in obtaining support to the annual fundraising campaign from all public and private sources. The Council will review and participate in setting goals, developing the plan of action and timeline. Members shall assist in identifying and recruiting the necessary volunteer leadership.

Development Council Members 2007-08

Joanne Cusack - President
Ted Titcomb - Secretary
Donna Jacques
Sue Ouellette
Dr. Teresa Breault
Debbie Legere
Jackie Nolette 
Claire Auger
Brian Coffta - Treasurer
Christine Beaudoin
Norman Provost/Principal - ex-officio